Dare to dream.
17. Chile.

I'm 143lbs/65 kg at the moment and I'm working to reach 116b/53kg :)

5'7' or 1.70 m

This is my fitspiration blog in which I'll be reblogging all kinds of things related to, well, fitness haha :)

Her spirit and warmth was present in every cup of tea he drank, until one day he drowned himself in boiling water and leaves.  


super green
Today’s breakfast :) (04/13/13)

Fuji apple + Multigrain oats + Papaya yogurt

Sadly I didn’t have any Chia seeds left :(

i hate it when people think you’re in “a diet” when you’re actually just trying to eat healthier.

i also hate it when you have your planned “cheat meals” and someone sees you and say “oh so you’re quitting your diet” or “oh you’re eating in secret”

Makes me feel like shit. 


I love Jennifer so much, she truly has her head screwed on straight.